Artneuland is moving to a new space

We are now in a process of restructuring
and establishing new models for cooperation.
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Artneuland creates a home for trialogues among image, word & people.

Artneuland approaches realities with an artistic inter-disciplinary discourse in order to bridge engaging cultures, focusing on the Judaism - Islam - Christianity trilationships.

Artneuland is committed to its new form of communication we call Trialogue.

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November 2009
Childhood Stories in Munich // Artneulands project CHILDHOOD STORIES in Munich

August 2009
Artneuland is moving to a new space // Artneuland is moving to a new space

July 2009
Seafaring-route. Berlin. Tel Aviv. Beirut

Berlin Space
For some of us it's holy, for some of us it's literature.

Screening on August 6, 2009 at 7.30 pm.
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