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Tel Aviv In Israel, the questions of national identity, religion and history form the focus of work of the young artists. It is not only the violent conflict between Israelis and Palestinians that is at the start of the many-facetted search, but also inner-Israeli conflicts such as Arabs-Jews, liberal-orthodox, the Shoah etc.

Thus, Joel Kanto's video portrait of an old cobbler, a survivor of the Holocaust, shows how this man still carries the traumatic experience of the concentration camp in his eyes and gestures, even if he does not say it in words.

Photography and video art are media with which one can respond quickly to current political events, documenting and interpreting them. Guy Raz's conceptual series of photographs showing street tunnels gives, at first, the impression of minimalist architectural structures, but on closer inspection reveals that these are heavily barricaded and lead to Jewish settlements.

Hally Pancer's almost classical black-and-white landscapes (Golan Heights) and sensitive portraits of several Israeli types brought her wide international recognition. Adi Nes and Eyal Ben Dov have created portraits of quite different subjects dealing with the machismo of Israeli soldiers (Adi Nes), or the participants of the Shantipi 2000 Tribal festival (Eyal Ben Dov). Judith Guetta's works symbolize the encounter between East and West. She uses large computer-manipulated ornamental photo prints. Their individual 'decorative elements' are composed of minarets, heads, or weapons so that titles like "Flowers" or "Woman-Tapestry" appear rather cynical.

The exhibition was accompanies by a catalogue published by IFA with the curator's essay and a preface by Beate Eckstein.

(Yael Katz Ben Shalom)


The questions of national identity, religion and history form the focus of work of the young artists.

Participating artists: Eyal Ben-Dov, Judith Guetta, Joel Kantor, Adi Nes, Hally Pancer, Guy Raz

Curator: Yael Katz Ben Shalom

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