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 Shoah and Pin-Ups. The NO!-artist Boris Lurie. 



The NO!-artist Boris Lurie

88 min., dv cam, dolby srd, 2006, defi-filmproduktion.de

A documentary by Reinhild Dettmer-Finke

In collaboration with Matthias Reichelt

The co-author Matthias Reichelt will be present for Qís and Aís afterwards

SHOAH and PIN-UPs is a film about breaking a taboo. In his art the 80-year old New York NO!-artist Boris Lurie, brings together what doesnít belong together: the gassed corpses and the naked, the Shoah and pin-ups.

Itís not perverted art, buta comment on a perverted society, says Lurie, and he draws a line from the Shoah to the war in Iraq.

And he would have so liked to have painted comfortable, comfortingthings, like the Impressionists did. But something kept him from doing that. And that something is what this film searches

The search takes us via Riga and Buchenwald to the New York of the 50s and 60s, when NO! Art developed as an obstinate reaction to Pop Art. Boris Lurieís NO! is his motto: NO! to the expectations of the art market. NO! to bourgeois decorum! NO! to victim mentality.

A film about the timeless timely questions of remembering and about coping with the extermination of the Jews through art.


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