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 For some of us it's holy, for some of us it's literature. 


Film Screening on August 6th 2009 at 7.30pm in Artneuland
Artneuland is a home for Trialogues of image, word, and people, an artistic platform for the three monotheistic cultures. We would like to invite you to the screening of a film (45‘) by Gaby Sohl & Darnell Stephen Summers documenting the first international performance reading of Hebrew Bible, Christian Bible and Koran – as literature.

Religious disputes often turn political and become distorted by prejudice. Who has actually read the Bible and the Koran? What are the books themselves saying – through the individual interpretation of the readers?

This project, a 24h reading, was presented on the World Day of the Book 2008 in Berlin. It offered an artistically entertaining yet very informative opportunity for an international audience to become more familiar with the culture of each other in the literary traditions of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religious books. 120 people participated. Every one created a 15 minute piece for this special event, presenting his or her own choice of chapters from Bible or Koran – in their own language.

This project was made possible thanks to a big team of artists, organizers, publishing houses and donators. The core team included Artneuland e.V., Werkstatt der Kulturen e.V., Diogenes Verlagshaus, Förderband e.V., Stiftung Schloß Neuhardenberg and Richard Kaselowsky Stiftung. The film was made possible by a donation of Mestemacher GmbH.

Introduction and Q‘s & A‘s after the screening with Gaby Sohl (director), Darnell Stephen Summers (filmmaker), Valentin Probst (stage designer) and Suzan Gülfirat (Journalist).

Free entrance. Welcome!
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