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  Photography of a neighborhood  
    September 2006    

Comverse Artneuland Tel Aviv created a new and unique model of a trialogue that combines art, culture and community through co-operations with financial institutions, hi-tech and industrial companies.

In this model, Artneuland cooperates with hi-tech and industrial companies in the frame of their voluntary work with the community. We believe that through art the sense of belonging and the motivation of the company's employees will be increased. In addition, the company will improve its public image and gain real involvement in the community.

In our activity we focus mainly in photography and video art assuming that photography and video are tools that enable us to speak about the personal and about both the local and the global.

As the high-tech company Comverse adopted the community of Neve Sharet, a neighborhood of Tel Aviv located near Comverse, we offered them a photography course and workshop guided by the photographer and curator Guy Raz. In this project called "Photography of a Neighborhood" both communities - Comverse employees and Neve Sharet high-school pupils - work and experience together throughout meetings held every two weeks.

Throughout the course they purchase technical, esthetical and ethical knowledge, and, thus, after training and experiencing, they develop a critical view and awareness. The course focuses on the meaning of photography and camera as a tool to reflect the personal view and its place in the Israeli society. The course presents basic concepts of photography and a background to the notion of "social art" - photography as a tool for social change.

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