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Artneuland Berlin Space

  Hallo. Shalom. Salam  
    November 2007    

Saturday, 25th of November 2006 at 7 pm

Opening of ArtneulandBerlin - a space for Trialogues

7:00pm Welcome Yael Katz Ben Shalom | Opening Representative of the Senate | Concert with members of the Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra: Wisam M. Gibran, Muhamad Khalafand Nur Ben Shalom

8:00pm Lecture Peter Sloterdijk - Philosopher "Rage and Time" to the Trialogue of the three monotheistic cultures | Discussion Prof. Dr. Bazon Brock - Performance Philosopher, Dr. Gehad Mazarweh - Psychoanalyst, Prof. Dr. Moshe Zuckermann - Historian | Moderator Prof. Dr. Eike Gebhardt - Sociologist of Culture

9:30pm Concert The Arab-Jewish Youth Orchestra |

Opening Exhibition Videoland

Toda. Danke. Shukran.

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