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Show your Wound

  Seminar as Work of Art  
    Octocer 2004    

Show your Wound is the title of a series of art seminars held in Germany and Israel that invited German, Israeli, and Palestinian artists to engage in a free, democratic, and unmediated meeting of sensibilities. The project was born out of a recognition of the significant changes that have taken place in the artistic-cultural field since the second half of the twentieth century until today.

Show your Wound exposed the personal wound while, at the same time, it became testimony to the open wound of the world, that in which we must articulate our identities in what is called "reality." According to Lacan, this reality is a symptom that embodies a specific obstacle in the process of symbolization.

In 2003 we met in Israel for the first part of the art seminar, which began with an exhibition. This was the first step of a process: each of the participating artists - Israelis, Palestinians, and Germans - contributed a work that he personally chose for the exhibit...

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