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Gott. Geld. Kunst. Kapital.

  Exhibition and Symposium  
    September 2007    
Gott. Geld. Kunst. Kapital.


Geld & Guilt

Photography, video and installation exhibition.
07.09. - 21.12. 2007

We do not only say things with words, but do things with words (John Langshaw Austin)

"Geld&Guilt" signs a kind of structure reminding a multiplicity of rituals, being experienced again and again. The collection of views by the various artists, seems as an option for a ritual of artistic apprenticeship. The use of everyday life, of familiar symbols of knowledge, action, speech and behaviour, is served to the spectator in a time frame like a special act for thinking about the symbolic meanings of the 'Geld&Guilt ritual' and its unique value. This is an experimental proposal where art desires to preserve the ritual as a power, as an influence and as inner necessity.

The German word Geld and the English word Guilt direct us from the historical gaze to the actual gaze in questions such as which role money fulfilled in the past regarding German guilt and which role it fulfils today in the same context and, in addition, has this structure of compensating guilt with money been copied to other places in the world and in different aspects. It seems that in the last years the connection between money and guilt becomes more relevant as the world is dominated more and more by the capitalistic mechanism in general and in the individual level. Dealing with the dependence relationship between money and guilt enables us to insist on the actual problems characterizing our era as we are witnessing changes in various parts of the world, where the linkage between money and guilt is prominent, such as areas moving from socialism to capitalism.

In which ways is the couple of words Geld and Guilt presented in various cultures and in various domains of cultures?

How this couple of words is expressed in political, religious, economical, psychoanalytical, ecological and gender aspects? These relations characterize our complexity of the post-modern time.

Opening of the exhibition and Symposium:

September 7th 2007, 7:00 pm at Artneuland Berlin

Participating Artists:

Rachid Bendaoud
Eitan Buganim & Noa Ben Shimol
Raed Bwayeh
Doron Furman
Sharon Horodi & Cheb Kammerer
Etty Wieseltier & Hanan Pomagrin
Roee Rosen
Mayaan Amir & Doron Rabina
Maya Zack & Yitzchak Roth


Barbara B. Edlinger & Joachim Baur: Werkstadt Graz | Public Kitchen | Installation

The construction of a fully functional kitchen in the project and exhibition space of Artneuland in Berlin will permit Jewish, Christian, and Muslim cooks to prepare their meals. 1(one) kitchen will be the place where meals from 3(three) monotheistic cultures and religions are prepared.

Symposium on the Topic

Concept and moderation:

Prof. Dr. Jochen Hörisch, Universität Mannheim

with :

Dr. Petra Bahr, representative for cultural affairs Evangelische Kirche in Deutschland (EKD), Berlin
Prof. Dr. Norbert Bolz, Technische Universität, Berlin
Umar Ryad, Faculty of Theology, University of Leiden

This project supports the annual topic 2007-2008 "Europe in the Middle East - the Middle East in Europe" of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.

Diese Veranstaltung unterstützt das Jahresthema 2007-2008 "Europa im Nahen Osten - Der Nahe Osten in Europa" der Berlin-Brandenburgischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

[ Exhibition until 21st of December ]

Artneuland project Gott. Geld. Kunst. Kapital [pdf]

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Participating creators

Cheb M. Kammerer & Sharon Horodi
Doron Furman
Eitan Buganim & Noa Ben-Shimol
Etty Wieseltier & Hanan Pomagrin
Maya Zack & Ytzchak Roth
Mayaan Amir & Doron Rabina
Rachid Bendaoud
Raed Bwayeh
Roee Rosen
Werkstadt Graz
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