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Bauhaus in Israel

  From Utopia to Heterotopia  
    February 2007    

15.02.2007 - 27.03.2007

"From Utopia to Hetrotopia

The International Sytle in the Perspective of Israeli Photography Today"

Participating artists: Gilad Ophir | Eyal Ben Dov | Yael Katz Ben Shalom | Sigal Barnir | Judith Guetta | Yaacov Israel | Alona Nitsan Shiftan | Orit Siman-Tov | Ariel Caine | Guy Raz | Hagai Segev.

Exhibition dates: 15 February – 27 March

In the Gallery for Architecture, Faculty of Architecture, Technion, Haifa (open Sun-Thursday 10-17)

Symposium on the Exhibition | 20th of March 2007 | 7 pm in the Gallery

Eight Israeli photographers present the Bauhaus utopia in Israel in a critical point of view. The international architectural style was planted in the main cities of Israel. As Israel is a meeting point of identities and cultures, one of the intimate crossroads between east to west, between tradition and modernism, the Bauhaus architectural style was planted in Israel like a foreign addition in a middle-eastern reality; the western vision of order and tranquility met the chaotic reality of the Middle East.

The exhibition will present the dilemma between east and west in the Israeli architecture through the point of view of artists photographers that sharpen the various types of the Israeli Bauhaus today and in relation to the imagined past. In the exhibition, contemporary photos will be presented beside historical photos, in addition to historical texts out of ideological manifests, interviews and critical essays.


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Participating creators

Gilad Ophir
Sigal Barnir
Judith Guetta
Yaacov Israel
Ariel Caine
Guy Raz
Hagai Segev
Eyal Ben Dov
Orit Siman Tov
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