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// January 2007

ArtneulandBerlin, is a Space for Trialogues among image, word & people. We approach realities with an artistic inter-disciplinary discourse in order to bridge engaging cultures, focusing on the trilationship of Judaism - Islam - Christianity.

Located in the heart of Berlin our Space offers:


Our own gallery is dedicated mostly to works based on Artneuland projects- exhibitions, symposiums and other activities - exposing masters as well as upcoming talents. The gallery will offer artworks in order to cover its expenses & to support Artneuland projects.


Our yearly 3 major trialogue productions are visioned by Artneuland's advisory board. All projects will conclude with products such as a video, a catalogue, book & a CD.


Our special artistic interdisciplinary Trialogues lead by one dominant discipline: Such as video installation, music, photography, literature or poetry, in a frame of seminars, workshops, concerts or even parties.

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For some of us it's holy, for some of us it's literature. // August 2009

Screening on August 6, 2009 at 7.30 pm.
Amon Yariv - ''Pigeons on Pigs' Heads'' // May 2008

Amon Yariv - ''Pigeons on Pigs' Heads''
Adam Resurrected // March 2008

Yoram Kaniuk & Joachim Król: Adam Hundesohn
Seafaring-route. Berlin. Tel Aviv. Beirut // July 2009

''Seafaring-route. Berlin. Tel Aviv. Beirut.'' will be opened until 8 August 2009
Shoah and Pin-Ups. The NO!-artist Boris Lurie. // April 2009

Shoah and Pin-Ups. The NO!-artist Boris Lurie on April 23rd 09 at 7.30pm
Exhibition // March 2009

Group exhibition will be opened until 23rd April 2009
Jewish Topographies - Visions of Space, Traditions of Place // February 2009

Jewish Topographies - Visions of Space, Traditions of Place. February 26th, 2009 at 8pm
Art of Emergency // February 2009

- Art of Emergeny
5th February 2009 - 15th March 2009
Nova Paranoia // November 2008

Nova Paranoia: Opening on 2nd November 2008
Transcultural Paranoia // September 2008

Transcultural Paranoia Opening
Sept 14, 2008 7pm
Artneulands project CHILDHOOD STORIES in Munich // November 2009

Opening of the project on November 10, 2009
Artneuland is moving to a new space // August 2009

We are now in a process of restructuring
and establishing new models for cooperation.
Hallo. Shalom. Salam // November 2007

Opening of ArtneulandBerlin - A space for Trialogue
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